A simple yet powerful YouTube video and music downloader written off in PHP

When downloading audio and video files, you want something you can trust. That is the idea behind YouStraw : a free open source tool that let you get the content directly from YouTube without having to trust a third party site.

  • Download videos in Mp4, WebM, Flv or 3gp
  • Seamless audio conversion to Mp3 or Flac
  • Collection class for batch downloading
  • Automatic parsing of videos from a playlist id
  • Available on Composer for easy installation
  • Available under MIT licence, so grab that code and play with it as you wish!


While third party modules integration is made quite easy with Gradle and Android Studio, what if you want to create a module? Module creation is not quite documented yet and if, like me, you don't have a lot experience with Gradle and Maven chances are that you will struggle a bit before succeeding in packaging and integrating a module in your Android app.

DroidPieces is an attempt to simplify the module creation process with scripts that will do the hard work for you. You will spend less time configuring and more time writing code!

And what if you want to store those modules on a private repository? DroidPieces is also a Maven repository! It can be committed to your private git repository and share with all your coworkers without making it accessible to the whole internet!

DroidPieces is still in its early stages and currently only works on Mac OSX. Please open up and issue on BitBucket if you have any suggestion or found a bug!


ScrabHelp is a simple anagram solver app for the BlackBerry Playbook.

It was my first official project on the new BlackBerry QNX platform.


FuelR is an app to help you to easily calculate the real fuel efficiency of your car. By entering data each time you fill up your car, the application will automatically generate statistics for you.

Fuelr is my first (and only) released project on the BlackBerry 10 platform.


Maxime Bélanger

French Canadian and sole programmer of the Flat Bits project. I specialize myself in web and mobile applications. I'm more of a backend programmer but still love to play with and create UI contraptions.

I'm currently employed as an analyst programmer in a small team at Neuro Design where I often get to explore different new technologies related to mobile and web development.

Flat Bits, on the other hand, is my hobby project, where I put personal time to experiment with things here and there. I recently took the decision to open source and document all my future experiments. Once an experiment is ready for public use, I'll add a tile on this page.

Credits where they are due